Our Mission Statement

World on Your Plate works to restore the Earth:

  • By promoting sustainability for farmers, farmworkers, and consumers alike
  • Advancing education and action on issues on food safety, security, and sovereignty
  • Creating a table where all are welcome

What Our Attendees Think

Question: How has WOYP (current or past) impacted your life?

Learned new ideas/information (21 people had this response)
Thought provoking
“All ways”
Made me look at personal biases
Has exposed me to a wide diversity of issues - especially social justice issues
Gave me much to learn
Learned how to live better

Energized our own commitment and actions (10 responses)
Inspiration to keep working locally on key issues
Up lifting to know that I am not alone - somebody is working on things I cherish
Have taken additional social action steps
Inspired to share info

It has given me new insights and perspectives important for humanity and our environment (8 responses)
Made me aware of how connected all of our struggles are
More aware of protecting the environment
More awareness of local social issues and struggles
Learned the wider impacts of food and food policies on communities
Have an increased awareness of food security

Food/diet practices (7 responses)
Learned new recipes and food prep practices
Want to go 100% vegan now
Inspired to purchase local produce while in season and preserve for future use
Increased use of ‘homemade’ foods
Have changed my diet,
Added green smoothies

Great networking (6 responses)
Inspiration to reach out to others
Exchange of views & thoughts with like minded others
Felt welcome, met like minded people